Double Celebration

May 21, 2019 | News | By Rugare Ruwodo | 0 Comments
A picture of Mr Mudau delivering his valedictory speech on the stage of the school hall

The day is 21 May 2019. It is someones’s birth day anniversary but yet another event. The Fush community had in the previous days received the news with quite a shock that one of the longest serving members of the school was going to hang his boots, as it were.

Mr Raphael Mudau was born on this beautiful day 65 years ago. The staff and boys were singing with life the most sung song in the world: Happy Birthday to You. This time it was directed to the man himself. The headmaster Mr Mazonde steered the proceedings well until to the point Mr Mudau was given the podium. Surprisingly to the boys, he began to unwrap his valedictory speech. It was a mixture of emotions- sadness as one of us was leaving; joy as it is someone’s birthday anniversary; happiness as someone has run the last mile with victory to the finishing line of his career with the ministry of education.

Reverend Harrison had minutes before led the devotions on Elijah and Elisha, challenging the boys and staff as to what they would remain with at the departure of key people in their lives.

Mr Mudau began to serve as teacher at the school in 1986. He became Malcolm House master in 1989. He was convinced he ran the race so well. He stated that all what could have been painful moments as he was discharging his duty was meant for good and for the raising of the Ellis Robins Banner.

As usual wit h such occasions, the current generation of Robins gave a goodbye of a thunderous school’s war cry.

Fare thee well, Mr Mudau.

Once a Robin, always a Robin.

Esse Quam Videri