The Grand Exit

January 15, 2018 | News | By Rugare Ruwodo | 0 Comments

The day is Monday the 15th of January in the year of our Lord 2018. It is someone’s birthday anniversary. It is also someone’s retirement date. Mrs Y Shamuyarira finds herself in a maze of celebratory mood, sense of achievement, sense of accomplishment and wonder but at the same time, sense of “sadness”.

Mrs Shamuyarira (Shamu) started the work of a school teacher in 1974 when she was 21 years of age. She worked at schools like St. Dominics (Chishawasha), Holy Cross Mission, Kwenda Mission, Makumbe Mission, Mukai High School before she came to Ellis Robins School in 1989.

In her time, roughly 29 years, at Ellis Robins School, she was teaching English Language and Literature. She also served as Head of English Department and as the school’s Senior Woman for years. She has great alumni that passes through her hands. She said she looks back with pride but also with disappointment sometimes as she witnessed the falling of standards at the esteemed school which she calls “home”.

“Let’s make Ellis Ribins great again”, she said. She said she remains part of Ellis Robins. She advised the young gentlemen of Fush to be well-cultured (kuva neunhu), and to work hard.

To strengthen her legacy, she pledged the Shamuyarira Prize for English at Form 3 which will be well funded as long as she lives, and beyond by her children.

Soon after her conclusion, the boys broke into the number, “Happy Birthday to You” led by the Music Teacher, Ms Varumbi. Handshakes and hugs continued at the stage of the school hall amidst thunderous applause from the gallery. The valedictory ceremony was topped up by the boys’ war cry, on the part of learners, and cake cutting and tea on the part of staff.